"Hello, Internet. Welcome to GAME THEORY, the show that requires a minute-long skit, just to justify another video on Pokémon."


"Humans are Pokemon"

Humans are Pokemon

Humans are Pokemonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Upload Date February 22, 2014
Length 13:55
Intro Science Blaster
Link Humans are Pokemon
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Episode 64
Series Game Theory
Game Pokémon
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Humans are Pokemon (subtitled You are a Pokémon) is the 64th episode of Game Theory on The Game Theorists.

Description Edit

Pokemon is a game full of bizarre, off-the-wall theories. But one that's generally overlooked is the role of humans in the Pokemon world. Evidence from Pokemon Silver and Gold, Diamond and Pearl, Red and Blue, and even entries in the Pokedex and anime all point to one conclusion: Humans ARE Pokemon. Believe it!

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first video to include the intro twice.
  • This is the ninth collaboration, this time with TheJWittz.