How Mad Max: Fury Road Directed YOU!
How Mad Max Fury Road Directed YOU!
Upload Date July 29, 2015
Length 6:02
Link How Mad Max: Fury Road Directed YOU!
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Episode 3
Series Frame by Frame
Subject Mad Max: Fury Road
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How Mad Max: Fury Road Directed YOU! (subtitled MAD MAX: How IT Directed YOU!) is the 3rd episode of Frame by Frame and its one-off episode on Mad Max: Fury Road on The Game Theorists.

Description Edit

Mad Max: Fury Road, is so unique because it's not just a thrill-and-kill series of car chases in the desert, but a beautiful piece of cinema that captures the audience from start to finish. Turns out, this is no accident and this episode of Frame by Frame will tell you why. This episode explores the laser-focused directorial style of George Miller as he expertly navigates the audience through Mad Max's post-apocalyptic world by using advanced cinematography techniques to direct the viewer's attention exactly where it needs to go to to keep their eyes glued to the screen from the first moment to the last.

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