"History of Earthbound: From MOTHER to UNDERTALE?"
History of Earthbound
Release date December 27, 2016
Length 9:20
Link History of Earthbound: From MOTHER to UNDERTALE?
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Episode 21
Series A Brief History
Games EarthBound
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History of Earthbound: From MOTHER to UNDERTALE? (subtitled EarthBound to Undertale in 9 minutes) is the 21st episode of A Brief History and its one-off episode on EarthBound and Undertale, hosted by Ryder Burgin, on The Game Theorists. It was released on December 27, 2016.

Description Edit

EARTHBOUND - such an amazing game right?! Its history has a magical celebrity saga that only Japan can deliver, filled with games that produced some of the most loyal fans in the history of Nintendo. But this cult classic game gave more to the gaming industry than just Mother, Earthbound, and Mother 3. It was the inspiration and influence for many modern day RPGs, including the ever popular Undertale. And Ryder is hear to tell you all about it.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first episode of A Brief History about multiple games.
  • Sans and Ness being next to each other in the thumbnail is a possible reference to the Game Theory episode Sans's SECRET Identity!

External Links Edit

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History of Earthbound: From MOTHER to UNDERTALE?

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