"Harry Potter and The Magic of Movies ft MatPat"

Harry Potter and The Magic of Movies ft MatPat

Harry Potter and The Magic of Movies screen

Upload Date November 15, 2015
Length 7:55
Link Harry Potter and The Magic of Movies ft MatPat
Episode Guide
Episode 9
Series Did You Know Movies
Subject Harry Potter
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Harry Potter and The Magic of Movies ft MatPat is the 9th episode of Did You Know Movies and its one-off episode on Harry Potter on The Film Theorists, featuring MatPat.

Description Edit

Did You Know there was more than one war being waged around the Harry Potter universe? Of course everyone knows about the war Lord Voldemort was waging, but what about the war behind the scenes? The Bidding War! This episode of DYKM explores the development and production of the Harry Potter movies and the struggle for creative control that took place behind the camera.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode was scripted by Furst and edited by Khalid Shahin.
  • This is the second video on The Film Theorists to be hosted by MatPat that is not an episode of Film Theory, the first being the channel's introduction trailer, Welcome to The Film Theorists!

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