Halo logoing
Publisher Bungie, Microsoft Studios
Genre First-person shooter
Military sci-fi
Release Date 2001 - present
Episodes 3
Theorist Game Guide
Halo is a first-person shooter game series featured in Game Theory.

Game information Edit

Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter franchise created by Bungie and now owned by 343 Industries. It centers on an interstellar war between humanity and a theocratic alliance of aliens known as the Covenant, who are led by their religious leaders called the Prophets, and worship an ancient civilization known as the Forerunners, who perished in combat with the parasitic Flood. The central focus is on the experiences of Master Chief John-117, one of a group of supersoldiers codenamed Spartans, and his AI companion Cortana. Other characters, like Noble Six from Halo: Reach, are also introduced in the series. The title refers to the Halo rings: large, habitable superweapons created to destroy the Flood.

Episodes Edit

Game Theory Edit

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  2. Halo Armor's FATAL Flaw!
  3. Star Wars Lightsaber Vs Halo Energy Sword
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