"Game Theory SPECIAL: Miyamoto Reveals Star Fox Secrets!"

Game Theory SPECIAL

Game Theory SPECIAL screen

Release date March 3, 2016
Length 12:25
Link Miyamoto Reveals Star Fox Secrets!
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Episode 134
Series Game Theory
Game Star Fox
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Game Theory SPECIAL: Miyamoto Reveals Star Fox Secrets! (subtitled STARFOX Secrets Revealed) is the 134th episode of Game Theory and its 3rd episode on Star Fox on The Game Theorists.

Description Edit

A huge thanks to Mr Shigeru Miyamoto for talking to ME!

Today, I meet one of my LIFETIME heroes: Mr Shigeru Miyamoto! This very special episode of Game Theory is a once-in-a-lifetime interview where I got to talk to him about some of my all-time favorite Nintendo theories. With the new Star Fox coming out, we set the record straight on WHY Star Fox has metal legs, and why Nintendo refuses to acknowledge that he does an aileron roll!

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Game Theory SPECIAL: Miyamoto Reveals Star Fox Secrets! at the Subreddit

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