# Thumbnail Episode Description Uploaded
94 SSBHiddenLore Super Smash Bros TRAGIC Hidden Lore MatPat examines the "lore" of Super Smash Bros. and compares it to its developer, Masahiro Sakurai. January 10, 2015
95 Pokemon Multiverse The Pokemon Multiverse EXPLAINS EVERYTHING MatPat looks at the possibility of a Pokémon multiverse. January 21, 2015
96 Snake is a STONER Snake is a STONER MatPat analyzes the cigarettes from Metal Gear Solid V. January 27, 2015
97 A Tank's Biggest Weakness A Tank's Biggest ITSELF MatPat compares the tanks from War Thunder to real-life tanks.
(Sponsored by Gaijin Entertainment.)
February 15, 2015
98 Does Isaac DIE Does Isaac DIE?!? Binding of Isaac Rebirth's Endings EXPLAINED. MatPat analyzes the vague story of The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and its various 16 endings. February 22, 2015
99 Toad's DEADLY Secret Toad's DEADLY Secret MatPat looks at the Toads from Super Mario and theorizes what they actually are. March 3, 2015
100 Are GTA V Cops Racist Are GTA V Cops Racist? MatPat investigates claims of racist cops within GTA V. March 12, 2015
101[1] Gamers, You're Getting Played Gamers, You're Getting Played MatPat discusses how gaming companies have taken advantage of their fans and free publicity. March 26, 2015
102 Rainbow Six Siege gets a REALITY CHECK Rainbow Six Siege gets a REALITY CHECK! MatPat is joined by Jovenshire, Mari, Strippin, and PokéKellz to simulate counter-terrorism situations from Rainbow Six Siege.
Sponsored by Ubisoft.
March 30, 2015
103 Handsome Jack MoM Handsome Jack, Monster or Misunderstood? MatPat analyzes the psyche and backstory of Borderlands' Handsome Jack. April 2, 2015
104 FNAF SOLVED 1 FNAF Mysteries SOLVED pt. 1 MatPat looks at FNAF 3 to answer EVERY question about the franchise. April 26, 2015
105 FNAF SOLVED 2 first half FNAF Mysteries SOLVED Pt 2 (FIRST HALF) MatPat continues to look at what FNAF 3 reveals about the franchise as a whole. May 6, 2015
106 FNAF SOLVED 2 2nd half FNAF Mysteries SOLVED Pt 2 (SECOND HALF) MatPat answers the biggest question in FNAF: WHO IS THE PURPLE GUY?[2] May 6, 2015
107 Why Star Fox has NO LEGS Why Star Fox has NO LEGS, The REAL Reason! MatPat discusses why the crew of Star Fox has cybernetic legs. May 17, 2015
108 MarioTimelineGT The Mario Timeline's SHOCKING Reveal MatPat, Drake, and Kenny piece together a coherent timeline of the Super Mario games. May 28, 2015
109 Why Video Game Movies SUCK! Why Video Game Movies SUCK! MatPat looks at all video game-based movies and explains why not one of them have done well. June 2, 2015
110 Hybrid Dinos ARE COMING! Jurassic World Hybrid Dinos ARE COMING! MatPat discusses how the dinosaur customization from LEGO Jurassic World is not as unrealistic as it seems. June 18, 2015
111 Red vs Blue Strategy Red vs Blue, The SECRET Color Strategy MatPat looks at how color unconsciously affects players. June 25, 2013
112 Strategy of Sex Appeal The Strategy of Sex Appeal in Dead or Alive MatPat discusses how sex appeal to both genders in Dead or Alive works. June 30, 2015
113 Why ESPN is WRONG Why ESPN is WRONG about eSports MatPat discusses why eSports are a legitimate sport and why they should be included on ESPN. July 17, 2016
114 How to Survive Mad Max How to SURVIVE the Mad Max Carmageddon! MatPat explains the best vehicle to build to survive in the world of Mad Max. July 19, 2015
115 FNAF 4 got it ALL WRONG FNAF 4 got it ALL WRONG! MatPat discusses how the kid from FNAF 4 could not the victim of Bite of '87. July 30, 2015
116 Fallout Bottle Caps Fallout Bottle Caps are Worth HOW MUCH?!? MatPat estimates how much bottle caps from Fallout 4 are worth in real life. August 13, 2015
117 Assassin's Creed Universe The Assassin's Creed Shared Universe Conspiracy MatPat looks at various Ubisoft games and discusses the possibility of a shared Ubisoft universe. August 20, 2015
118 Why FNAF Will Never End Why FNAF Will Never End MatPat begins his long-awaited analysis of FNAF 4. September 1, 2015
119 Leave PewDiePie ALONE! Leave PewDiePie ALONE! MatPat looks at why the gaming community has been attacked and criticized by mainstream media. September 15, 2015
120 Is the MMO genre DYING Is the MMO genre DYING? MatPat looks at reasons for the recent decline of the MMO genre of gaming. September 26, 2015
121 Bowser's BROKEN HOME Bowser's BROKEN HOME in Super Mario MatPat analyzes the psyche and history of Super Mario's main villain, Bowser. October 9, 2015
122 Exposing Destiny's LOST PLOT! Exposing Destiny's LOST PLOT! MatPat investigates the lore and true plot of Destiny. October 17, 2015
123 EXPOSING the Real Gangs EXPOSING the Real Gangs of Assassin's Creed Syndicate MatPat compares the gangs of Assassin's Creed Syndicate to their real-life counterparts. October 25, 2015
124 Halo Armor's FATAL Flaw! Halo Armor's FATAL Flaw! MatPat analyzes the Spartan armor of Halo a second time. October 29, 2015
125 Zelda Rupees are REAL Zelda Rupees are REAL?!? (ft. PBG) MatPat and PBG analyze the rupies from The Legend of Zelda. November 17, 2015
126 UntilDawnTragicHero Until Dawn's TRAGIC Hero MatPat takes a look at the true plot of Until Dawn. November 24, 2015
127 The Human Hive Mind Theory The Human Hive Mind Theory MatPat takes a look at the Zerg and its hive mind from StarCraft II. December 2, 2015
128 FNAF The Clue that SOLVES FNAF, The Clue that SOLVES Five Nights at Freddy's! MatPat takes one last look in the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise, with new information from FNAF 4. December 13, 2015
129 FNAF, Four Games. One Story FNAF, Four Games. One Story. And FNAF Theory Talkback! MatPat, Stephanie, Dawko, Ryan from 8-bitGaming, Smike, and Razzbowski discuss FNAF live, while Scott Cawthon is dropping clues on his website. December 19, 2015
130 Will 2015 be THE END of YouTube Rewind Will 2015 be THE END of YouTube Rewind? MatPat discusses the new "rivalry" between Facebook and YouTube, and the future of digital media. December 22, 2015
  1. This is, in actuality, the 100th episode of Game Theory. This is because this episode was released long after BBC took down the 2012 episode Fallout, BOOM! Headshot.
  2. Due to a copyright strike on the channel on the day of this video's upload, MatPat had to cut it into two further parts.

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