Occupation Musical artists
Years active 2012 - Present
Internet information
Channel GameChops
Twitch gamechops
Twitter GameChops (@GameChops)
Instagram gamechops
Facebook GameChops
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GameChops is a record label for gaming remixes. Founded by Dj CUTMAN, other musical artists in it include 8-bit bass artist Grimecraft, composer and remixer James Landino, disco artist RobKTA, remixer Ben Briggs, live musician Pixel8ter, chill-out music producer Doni, electronic dance music artist Mykah, VGM "pioneer" bLiNd, dubstep artist and complextro producer Dj-Jo, composer and jazz musician Joshua Morse, musical artist Kevin Villecco, and chiptune artist Mega Flare.[1]

Two of their remixes, "IT'S TIME TO GO!" by Dj CUTMAN and CG5 and "Pokémon FLO" by James Landino, were used as background music in the Culture Shock episode Pokemon's Exeggutor: Japan's Tree of Immortality? Another one of their remixes, "Undertale Remix - Snowdin Shopkeep Theme" by Toni Leys, was used in the episode The Villagers' Jewish Origins.

GameChops also created the outro music in the discontinued series Crossover.

References Edit

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