Frogger game
Publisher Konami
Genre Overhead view action
Release Date June 5, 1981
Episodes 1
Playlist Game Theory: The Complete Series
Theorist Game Guide
Frogger is a game featured in Game Theory.

Game information Edit

Frogger is a 1981 arcade game developed and published by Konami. The object of Frogger is to get a group of frogs to their nest by crossing roads and rivers. The roads are filled with heavy, flowing traffic, and touching any of the cars, either by running into or getting hit by one, will kill the frog. To cross the river, the frog must jump across moving logs, and touching the water will drown the frog. At the top of the screen are multiple "frog homes", and the player must get the frog to an empty frog home. The level ends when all five frogs are in their nests, and the difficulty increases every five levels.

Episodes Edit

Game Theory Edit

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