"Fire Emblem Stages' Questionable Origins"

Fire Emblem Stages

Fire Emblem Stages screen

Release date September 17, 2015
Length 6:57
Link Fire Emblem Stages' Questionable Origins
GT Episode Guide
Episode 17
Series Smash History
Topic Fire Emblem
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Fire Emblem Stages' Questionable Origins (subtitled Fire Emblem) is the 17th episode of Smash History on The Game Theorists. In it, Drake goes over the backstory of stages in Super Smash Bros. based on Fire Emblem.

Description Edit

Today's deep dive into the world of Super Smash Bros. covers the questionable origins of the Fire Emblem Stages and their contributions to the Smash franchise. Just how accurate are these stages to the Fire Emblem games?

What details do these levels hide that are references to their original games? Drake does a Super Smash in-depth look to find out!

External Links Edit

Subreddit Head Fire Emblem Stages' Questionable Origins at the Subreddit

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