Fire Emblem
Fire Emblem
Developer Intelligent Systems
Nintendo SPD
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) NES, GB Advance, Super Famicom, GameCube, Satellaview, DS, 3DS, Wii, Wii U, Mobile
Genre Tactical Role-Playing
Release Date 1990 - Present
Episodes 2 total:
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Fire Emblem is a game series featured in Smash History.

Game Information Edit

Fire Emblem is a tactical role-playing game series developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. Gameplay revolves around tactical movement of characters across grid-based environments, while incorporating elements from traditional RPGs. A noted aspect is the permanent death of characters in battle, removing them from the rest of the game should they be defeated. The Fire Emblems themselves are often royally treasured weapons or shields, representing the power of war and dragons. Notable characters from games in the series include Marth, Ike, Lucina, Roy, and Corrin, all of whom are present in Super Smash Bros.

Episodes Edit

Smash History Edit

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  2. Corrin
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