"Hello, Internet. Welcome to GAME THEORY, the show that promises not to include any more gratuitious jumpscares, unless that's just what I want you to think so I can lull you into a false sense of security and scare you again. But, I wouldn't do that. I'll just let the uncertainty of whether a jumpscare's going to happen or not drive you insane for the rest of this episode. Ha-ha! Man, I love reverse psychology."


FNAF 2, Gaming's Scariest Story SOLVED!


FNAF 2 SOLVED screen

Release date December 9, 2014
Length 17:51
Link FNAF 2, Gaming's Scariest Story SOLVED!
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Episode 89
Series Game Theory
Game Five Nights at Freddy's 2
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FNAF 2, Gaming's Scariest Story SOLVED! (subtitled FNAF2 Killer EXPOSED) is the 89th episode of Game Theory on The Game Theorists.

Description Edit

THIS GAME IS SO COMPLICATED! You asked for it and so we dug deep into the convoluted lore of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria to answer ALL the questions the game leaves out there. Is it a prequel or sequel? What's the actual timeline? And who IS the Golden Freddy Killer? We're spending another Five Nights at Freddy's, so prepare to be scared.

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