# Thumbnail Episode Description Uploaded
11 Harmony In Good Game Design Harmony In Good Game Design Ronnie talks about his favorite game, Armored Core 3. January 5, 2016
12 MMO Combat DNSQ MMO Combat, The FIGHT Against Lag! Ronnie explains what the difference between lag and a bad FPS is, and what solutions MMOs come up with to solve it. January 19, 2016
13 Doom WASN'T 3D! Doom WASN'T 3D! Ronnie explains how Doom managed to create the illusion of three dimensions. May 14, 2016
14 From Paperbacks to Pewdiepie From Paperbacks
to Pewdiepie: The History of Let's Plays
Ronnie explores the history of the Let's Play, from pre-Internet to Something Awful to YouTube. October 18, 2016

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