Digressing and Sidequesting
Channel The Game Theorists
Host(s) Ronnie Edwards
Intro Yasunori Mitsuda - "Aayla's Theme" from Chrono Trigger[1]
Run August 30, 2012 - Present
Episodes 14
Status Semi-active
Playlist Digressing and Sidequesting
Series chronology
Game Exchange

Digressing and Sidequesting (stylized as Digressing & Sidequesting), or DNSQ for short, is a series on The Game Theorists hosted by editor Ronnie Edwards. The series focuses on gaming mechanics and design, and the history of certain aspects of gaming. DNSQ episodes are rarely uploaded; since its start on The Game Theorists in 2012, only 14 episodes have been uploaded.

History Edit

Digressing and Sidequesting began on his personal channel, DigressingNSQ. The first episode, or "quest", was uploaded on December 26, 2011, titled Digressing and Sidequesting: Quest 1, Idea vs. Execution.

In late 2012, Ronnie got into contact with Daniel Floyd and James Portnow of the web series Extra Credits, and started his own podcast series called Random Internet Encounters. One of these episodes starred MatPat, whom Ronnie contacted after stumbling across his channel after only 7 episodes were released. Having been interested in Ronnie's talent for show and film, MatPat offered Ronnie a spot on his channel, which Ronnie accepted. The first DNSQ episode on The Game Theorists was titled Hit Points and Health Bars, and was released on August 30, 2012.

Due to the popularity and positive reception his series received, Ronnie stayed on the Theorist channel, both as the DNSQ host and MatPat's primary editor. However, between 2013 and 2014, DNSQ was temporarily discontinued due to its relatively low view count. DNSQ returned in late 2014, albeit uploads were, and continue to be, rare. Ronnie and MatPat have explained that this is primarily due to Ronnie being mostly occupied with editing.

Episodes Edit

References Edit

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