Publisher Namco Bandai
Genre Role-playing, fighting, simulation
Release Date 1998 - present
Episodes 1
Theorist Game Guide
Digimon is a game series featured in Crossover.

Game Information Edit

Digimon is a series of primarily role-playing games published by Namco Bandai. The series revolves around Digimon creatures and their human "Tamers", who both serve as player and non-player characters depending on the game. Digimon can "Digivolve" back and forth between several evolutionary forms. Due to similar names, Digimon has a small rivalry with Pokémon.

Episodes Edit

Crossover Edit

  1. Pokemon to Digimon...and Anna Kournikova?!

Franchises in Crossover
Super Meat Boy
Daytona USA
Pokemon to Digimon...and Anna Kournikova?! Next
Assassin's Creed
Mirror's Edge

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