"Decoding the Mega Man Timeline (ft. Kirbopher)"

Decoding the Mega Man Timeline

MM Timeline Screenshot

Release date September 9, 2014
Length 9:52
Link Decoding the Mega Man Timeline (ft. Kirbopher)
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Episode 8
Series Crossover
Game Mega Man
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Decoding the Mega Man Timeline (ft. Kirbopher) is the 8th episode of Crossover on The Game Theorists.

Description Edit

Mega Man has a COMPLICATED crossover history. He's one of the few video game characters who have crossed over...with HIMSELF! How's that work? And how do his various video game franchises all fit together? The Professor will explain...with the help of Kirbopher from TOME.

External Links Edit

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Decoding the Mega Man Timeline (ft. Kirbopher) at the Subreddit

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