Deadlock is a series like the Super Amazing End Card Tournament, just longer.

Only five episodes exist so far, but it's a new series. The series consists of MatPat and friends debating over crucial points in gaming history. The first episode was between the "Sega Genesis" (also known as the Mega-drive in Europe) and "SNES" with MatPat debating the side of the ill-fated Sega console. The second featured LOL vs DOTA, The third was a debate on whether or not Dark Souls is a good game,The forth being whether the Last of Us or Pac-man is more artistic and The fifth being which is better... Legends of Zelda : Ocarina of Time or Link to the Past, And the last but not the least is whether Motion Control ruins video games .Featuring Reggie my body is ready

The show's format has two people on the screen debating their points above 8-bit representations of their selves fighting. This also shows the competitive feeling between an ever ending war of video games or consoles. Mat brings the authentic feeling by using 8 bit graphics from the NES. Follow along as guests from other YouTube channels go in this street fighter like simulator.

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