James as the Angry Video Game Nerd
Alias(es) Cinemassacre, Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN), JamesNintendoNerd
Born James Rolfe and Mike Matei
July 10, 1980 and October 5, 1980 (age s 37 and 37)
Nationality American
Occupation Internet personalities
Years active 2006 - present
Internet information
Channel Cinemassacre
Twitter cinemassacre Mike Matei
Instagram cinemassacre
Facebook Angry Video Game Nerd
Tumblr cinemassacreproductions
Other Website

Cinemassacre is a channel owned and created by James Rolfe and Mike Matei in 2006. The channel hosts several shows, the most popular of which is The Angry Video Game Nerd, in which James plays an overly angry at random games, etc. The AVGN (for short) reviews classic games from past video game consoles such as NES, SNES and others. The channel is also host to James & Mike Mondays, a Let's Play show with Rolfe and Mike. Others shows on the channel include Board James, You Know Whats Bullsh!t, and Monster Madness. In July 2014, a movie based on the AVGN was released, to mixed reviews. Many people have been inspired by Rolfe, and credit him with shaping the internet gaming and reviewing culture.

In December 2014, MatPat released an episode of Game Theory titled What's Wrong with the AVGN?, in which he diagnosed the Angry Video Game Nerd character with multiple illnesses, including Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED), paranoid schizophrenia, and Crohn's disease. This upset some fans, however in the video MatPat disclaimed any of that, stating that he was diagnosing the character, not James Rolfe himself.

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