"Cat Mario's Secret Meaning in Super Mario 3D World"

Cat Mario's Secret Meaning


Upload Date April 26, 2014
Length 3:42
Link Cat Mario's Secret Meaning in Super Mario 3D World
Episode Guide
Episode 2
Series Culture Shock
Game Super Mario 3D World
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"Super Paper Mario's Duel of 100"
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"Why Mega Man 5 Got BANNED!"
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"Flappy Bird, PewDiePie, and Pasta Sauce"
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"Are Video Games Anti-LGBT?"

Cat Mario's Secret Meaning in Super Mario 3D World (subtitled Lucky Cat Mario?) is the 2nd episode of Culture Shock on The Game Theorists.

Description Edit

Lucky Cat Mario in Super Mario 3D World is a bizarre power-up. Part cat suit, part Tanooki, it bestows some pretty interesting powers to Mario, Peach, and all the rest. But do you know it's cultural roots? And even more, the hidden symbolism behind the colors and gestures? Gaijin Goomba explains...

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