"Blood Brothers (Scene): Swearing on the Bible"
Swearing on the Bible
Upload Date August 13, 2009
Length 1:07
Link Blood Brothers (Scene): Swearing on the Bible
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"Blood Brothers (Song): Gypsies in the Wood (Shoes Reprise)"

Blood Brothers (Scene): Swearing on the Bible is the first recording of the play Blood Brothers on The Game Theorists.


Mrs. Johnstone making a deal with Mrs. Lyons (and the Devil) to sell one of her children.

Amiee Collier as Mrs. Lyons
Jennifer Myor as Mrs. Johnstone
Matthew Patrick as the Narrator

Mercury Summer Stock 2008
Directed by Pierre Jacques-Brault


  • The is the first video on The Game Theorists, uploaded two years before Game Theory would start, back when MatPat was an actor.