"Birdman Secret Edits You Probably MISSED"
Birdman Secret Edits You Probably MISSED
Upload Date October 13, 2015
Length 8:14
Link Birdman Secret Edits You Probably MISSED
Episode Guide
Episode 7
Series Frame by Frame
Subject Birdman
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"The Screen Writing Mind Tricks of STAR WARS"
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"Crimson Peak and The Color of FEAR"
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"The Matrix has NO ESCAPE"
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"Space Jam's Secret Trick Shots! ft Yungtown"

Birdman Secret Edits You Probably MISSED (subtitled BIRD-MAN'S hidden edits) is the 7th episode of Frame by Frame and its one-off episode on Birdman on The Film Theorists.

Description Edit

Ever wonder how they were able to shoot Birdman in one continuous shot? Well the truth is they didn't. In fact Birdman is comprised of many HIDDEN edits. Today, Kyle's Frame by Frame takes a close up look at Birdman to point out these hidden edits that you may have missed.

Trivia Edit

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