"Best Boobs in Gaming"
Release date March 1, 2012
Length 11:23
Intro Science Blaster
Link Best Boobs in Gaming
GT Episode Guide
Episode 28
Series Game Theory
Games Super Mario
The Legend of Zelda
Dead or Alive
Tomb Raider
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"LA Noire, The Human Lie Detector"
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"Shepard is a ZOMBIE in Mass Effect 2!"
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"LA Noire, The Human Lie Detector"

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"Shepard is a ZOMBIE in Mass Effect 2!"

Best Boobs in Gaming, infamously known as "the boob episode", is the 28th episode of Game Theory, hosted by Matthew Patrick on The Game Theorists. It was released on March 1, 2012.

Description Edit

Why are you reading this? It's about sexy boobs. What more do you need? We're checking out the best boobs in gaming to see whose breasts are 100% homegrown! Mai Shiranui, Lara Croft, Ivy Valentine, Samus, Peach, and Zelda are all up for consideration.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first age-restricted video on The Game Theorists, and the only one on any of the three Theorists channels to date.
  • The intro switched during the middle of it to a clip from Dead or Alive, making it the first time the intro was interrupted by something.
  • This episode's original title was simply Boobs.

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