"Bayonetta: The One TRUE WITCH?!"

Bayonetta The One TRUE WITCH

Bayonetta The One TRUE WITCH screen

Release date October 11, 2016
Length 8:40
Link Bayonetta: The One TRUE WITCH?!
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Episode 46
Series Culture Shock
Game Bayonetta
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Bayonetta: The One TRUE WITCH?! (subtitled The One TRUE Witch!) is the 46th episode of Culture Shock and its 1st episode on Bayonetta on The Game Theorists.

Description Edit

Bayonetta's character has always been a controversial topic. But GG is here to tell you that regardless of how inappropriate her... wardrobe might be, everything about this character is a spot on representation of historical witchcraft. In today's episode, GG explores the physical design, supernatural powers, and sexually charged personality of Bayonetta to discover just how historically accurate this witch really is.

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Subreddit Head Bayonetta: The One TRUE WITCH?! at the Subreddit

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