"Battleborn Trick Shots"

Battleborn Trick Shots

Battleborn Trick Shots screen

Release date May 3, 2016
Length 4:20
Link Battleborn Trick Shots
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Series Corridor
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Battleborn Trick Shots is a live action video by Corridor, featuring MatPat. In it, two men are competing to see who can make the best trick shot with Battleborn weapons, whilst doing good things for others in the process as results of their trick shots.

Description Edit

Who is the best trick-shotter in the Universe? Sam and Niko settle the debate.
Thanks to 2K Games for sponsoring this video. Get your hands on Battleborn here:

THANK YOU Matthew 'MatPat' Patrick (The Game Theorists) for playing the Doctor. If you don't know, this man does awesome stuff:

Gallery Edit

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