"BEWARE THE SHOVEL: History's Deadliest Weapon"


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Release date May 28, 2014
Length 3:41
Link BEWARE THE SHOVEL: History's Deadliest Weapon
GT Episode Guide
Episode 4
Series Culture Shock
Game Shovel Knight
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BEWARE THE SHOVEL: History's Deadliest Weapon (subtitled Lethal Weapon!) is the 4th episode of Culture Shock and its 1st episode on Shovel Knight, hosted by Michael Sundman on The Game Theorists. It was released on May 28, 2014.

Description Edit

The shovel. It's a go-to weapon for so many video games, especially the awesome-looking indie game Shovel Knight. But a shovel...REALLY??? It can't ACTUALLY be a good weapon right? Gaijin Goombah has the answers that may surprise you. The humble shovel is a lot more effective than you would typically think!

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Subreddit Head BEWARE THE SHOVEL: History's Deadliest Weapon at the Subreddit

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