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Release date December 5, 2015
Length 6:43
Link BANJO-KAZOOIE Prediction - Ft Artsy Omni
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Episode 22
Series Smash History
Topic Banjo-Kazooie
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BANJO-KAZOOIE Prediction (subtitled Banjo & Kazooie) is the 22nd episode of Smash History on The Game Theorists, featuring Artsy Omni. It is the 3rd Super Smash Bros. wishlist.

Description Edit

Whose next for the Super Smash Bros DLC? No one really knows, but one tag team duo has been on the most wanted list for Super Smash Bros since the original Smash Bros game's release - BANJO & KAZOOIE. But what would the team's moveset look like? On today's Smash History, Trailer Drake analyzes the best possible options with a little help from his friend Artsy Omni.

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