Austin Eruption
Austin Arcadea
Residence Washington, United States
Nationality American
Occupation Internet personality
Years active 2013 - Present
Internet information
Channel Arcadea
Twitch ArcadeaLIVE
Twitter Austin Eruption
Facebook Arcadea

Austin Eruption is an American YouTuber and member of Arcadea, a collaboration between him, Furst, Scribble Scrabble, and Strekks that does gaming-related videos on various topics, ranging from playthroughs to discussions to countdowns. Most of their videos often have only one host, but they occasionally collaborate with each other, and, because of Furst's association with The Game Theorists, collaborated with them a couple of times as well.

Austin appeared in an episode of A Brief History titled The History of Spyro the Dragon (ft Austin).

Appearances Edit

A Brief History Edit

Gallery Edit

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