"A Gandalf Summon in Final Fantasy?!"

A Gandalf Summon

FF Gabdalf

Upload Date January 8, 2014
Length 6:37
Link A Gandalf Summon in Final Fantasy?!
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Episode 22
Series Game Exchange
Game Final Fantasy
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A Gandalf Summon in Final Fantasy?! (subtitled Final Fantasy Summons Part 4) is the 21st episode of Game Exchange on The Game Theorists.

Description Edit

Final Fantasy games are rich in lore, but it's the games' summons that are really steeped in history. How well do the Final Fantasy games represent the stories surrounding each of their summoned beasts? Gaijin Goomba looks at the summons inspired by Norse Mythology, specifically how Odin, Gandalf, Loki, and Thor all relate to the Final Fantasy series!